Brothers Lec and Marcel Gasking bring you LeMarc - stunning handmade luxury cushions and style advice.

In 2005 the pair established well known custom furniture and interior design showroom Momu, in the heart of Richmond, Melbourne. The knowledge and insight acquired through almost 15 years experience has provided the foundation for their newest project, LeMarc.

Having spent time exploring the globe and searching for beautiful fabrics, they've created a range of designer cushions inspired by the destinations and designs of the world. 

The brand is modern and sophisticated featuring bright pops of colour and neutral tones. Intricate patterns are juxtaposed with beautiful plain linens and velvet textures that add luxury and style into your living space.

The LeMarc range is carefully curated to offer a expansive yet unique range of handmade cushions, catering for those who love all things contemporary, classical, whimsical and elegant.